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Turbo Kid


2015 / Canada, New Zealand / 93 minutes / Format: DCP

Directed by: François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell

Print Source: Epic Pictures

An homage to 1980s cinema, Turbo Kid is a post-apocalyptic teenaged dream with the perfect keyboard soundtrack. The year is 1997: the Earth has become a wasteland due to destructive acid rain. Survivors subsist in the remnants of civilization, and The Kid spends his days scavenging bunkers and reading comics featuring his favorite superhero, Turbo Rider. The world now revolves around the lack of water—everyone wants it, no one has it—except for Zeus (Michael Ironside), who rules over the meager supply with a steel fist. When The Kid meets a sprite-like girl with pink hair named Apple, she encourages him to embrace his inner Turbo Man, and defeat the evil, water-hoarding warlord. And so he does—as The Kid and friends set out on an amazing adventure full of crazy fights, BMX bike chases, and totally extreme special effects.

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