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October 29
GA $11 / OFS $8

Local filmmaker Jonah Barrett and their pals present a whopping 80ish minutes of fresh-squeezed content, courtesy of their ever-confusing moniker “Malicious Wallydrags.” The Wally-Bash contains five new short films that range from the bizarre psyche of high schoolers to the monotonous scowls of house demons. With special guest stars out the wazoo, including Justin Kirk (The Weeds, Angels in America) and Harrison Hannon (Monkflower, Lloyd Arkestra), The Wally-Bash brings Olympia’s creatives together for tales of the majestic, mundane, and post-apocalyptic.

Mud Puppy / dir. Jonah Barrett / 16 min / Olympia
Luke would rather hunt for lake monsters than hunt for a job, but that doesn’t stop his sister Sadie from trying to get them out of the trailer park. With the help of the cute guy next door, maybe Luke can make Sadie believe. Written by guest writer Logan Fenner, employing macro-photography techniques and a life-sized aquatic puppet.

Boxed In / dir. Jonah Barrett & Austin Bennett / 3 min / Olympia
Moving out, a couple finds themselves plagued with an entity in their fireplace that isn’t willing to let them go. Created in the early days of quarantine, in a hybrid of filmmaking, poetry, and soundscapes.

The Groke: A Tragedy in Two Acts / dir. Rachel Millena Saul / 26 min / Olympia
Mae von Camp’s high school is surrounded by death. As she grows up she begins to document her morbid obsessions in a documentary, but not everything goes according to plan. A piece of metafiction by Rachel Millena Saul made over a period of six years in collaboration with Jonah Barrett and Jacob David Earl. Soundtrack by local Olympian bands Offwhite Flag and Matty Cries.

The Tale of Dubious Angel / dir. Jonah Barrett / 29 min / Olympia
Dubious Angel, a lone ranger, searches for the last horse on earth throughout the post-apocalyptic scrub. His world is turned upside down when he runs across a cooperative village of gentle folk. Is it really every-man-for-himself, or are there alternative methods of survival? Filmed with a real live horse!!!!!!

Whereas They Pranced About the Forest and Sealed Their Fate / dir. Jonah Barrett / 8 min / Olympia
Director Jonah Barrett channels their inner Maya Deren in this dreamscape of lucid photography helmed by cinematographer Cody Castillo. But along ruined castles, abandoned construction sites, and the violent sea—they have the feeling they are not alone. Scored with a melodic symphony from the likes of Christian Carpenter, Alice Rosewater, and Alex Pina.

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