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The Capitol Theater is closed until further notice – support our future needs, click here today!

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updated:  Monday, March 16 2020
Additional notices more focused on volunteerism, programming, and creative programming ideas to combat the closure will continue to roll out…. thank you for all you do, we all have some tough times ahead us, but we’re a tenacious group, let’s take care of ourselves and our loved ones first. 
The Capitol Theater and the Olympia Film Society’s box office and museum space will temporarily close until further notice. The reminder came during a Monday news conference when Governor Inslee announced a temporary statewide order to shut down restaurants, bars, entertainment, and recreational facilities due to the coronavirus. The order went into effect at midnight Tuesday. The rule would last for at least two weeks — which would be March 31 — and we anticipate likely extending this time frame to 4 weeks, we will re-evaluate our options to reopen as time goes on.  For now, we will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and our state and local government.
Event cancelations reschedules, refunds, and exchanges will be available. If you have tickets to an event, you will receive an email notification directly or contact The OFS staff will continue to post updates as they come in.
OFS will continue to deal with the economic blow caused by the pandemic for months to come. The revenue generated by the use of the theater for performances, concerts, movies, concessions, and bar sales are the building blocks of our financial health, the closure of the theater will halt this revenue stream entirely and have a lasting negative impact on the future of our operations. Your financial support is especially appreciated at this time, as it will help us compensate our hardworking and dedicated staff. By making a donationbecoming or renewing a membership, or the online purchase of gift certificates and merchandise will assist us in reopening with minimal disruption to operations and programming
Stay vigilant friends, your safety and health is a priority to us.
Thank you so much for your continued support.
OFS Staff, Board of Directors, and Volunteers


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