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1970 / UK / 105 minutes / Format: 35mm

Directed by: Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg

Print Source: Warner Brothers

Performance is a psychedelic fever dream featuring Mick Jagger in his film debut. Chas is a gangster on the run who ends up renting a room from the mysterious Mr. Turner. Turner (Jagger) is a rock star on hiatus, waiting in seclusion for his inner muse to reappear. Meanwhile, he revels in girls, glamour, and drugs. Chas is not into any of this, but plays the part, so he can stay hidden from the law. Holed up in the isolated confines of a small bungalow, Turner and Chas commiserate, and they both begin to realize that their lives are more similar than different—more together than apart. As the lines begin to blur, so do the men’s identities, in a fascinating journey into the nature of individuality that plays like a colorful version of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, filled with music, dream imagery, and sex. An alluring cult classic, Performance must be experienced to be believed.

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