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THE VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH, and post-film Q&A with Filmmaker John Portanova

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Fri 11/13 7:30pm

Valley of the Sasquatch

Northwest Wonders / Horror

2015 / US / 92 minutes / Format: DCP

Directed by: John Portanova

Print Source: The October People

In the locally made horror opus Valley of the Sasquatch, a father and a son are forced to face the unthinkable in the depths of the deep, dark forest. Roger and Michael are grieving a loss, and attempting to salvage their relationship. When they’re faced with another hardship and are forced to move to an old family cabin in the woods, their civility begins to crumble -especially when unexpected visitors show up to inflame the unpleasantness. All the petty squabbling is forgotten when they realize they’re being stalked by a family of angry Sasquatch, determined to protect their land. Now they must survive as the beasts defend their territory with deadly force. Featuring well-done special effects and a story with depth, Valley of the Sasquatch rises above the usual horror film tropes, which has garnered it acclaim from genre festivals across the country.

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