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Letter From the Executive Director

Happy Holidays Friends!

You did it! Your contributions to our “Name in Lights” campaign beat our $10,000 goal, bringing in $12,000!!! WOW!!  As a matter of fact, it included a $10,000 anonymous gift through the Tides Foundation, that’s $22,000 total!  Our community is truly enriched through your generosity, and we are grateful.   Thank you for supporting our programming and crazy ideas!

The last program of the year is always my favorite. This program boasts many unique and time honored events including live music, dancing, crafts, and stand up comedy…and if that’s not enough, you can enjoy classic holiday movies, musicals and Oscar buzz-worthy independent movies. Can you see why this is my favorite program? There really is something for everyone and every taste.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize all the bands, artists, and performers who have given their time to help OFS produce our annual fundraising events like Night of the Living Tribute Bands, Duck the Malls, and Repeal Prohibition Day. Your craft and selfless dedication reaches far beyond the theater screen and stage and keeps these walls warm and alive.  We’re currently working on seriously needed improvement plans. Several local engineers and architects have given countless hours assessing the physical needs from roof to basement. By helping us to preserve your Capitol Theater, our home, a bright future of wonderful programming is a guarantee for generations to come. I am truly humbled and grateful for your love of what we do, and where we do it. Thank you, Olympia!

In closing, I can’t say enough about what an impressive and busy year this has been, filled with sold out concerts, incredible movies, local art, and of course our one of a kind film festival.  I want to thank each and every one of our hard working staff, the cadre of dedicated volunteers, and our board of directors. Their energy and dedication to the Olympia Film Society is immeasurable and mind blowing! I cannot thank you all enough for your continued membership and support.  I am intensely proud to play a role in this with you!

Have a wonderful holiday filled with good health and happiness.


Audrey M. Henley, Executive Director

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