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Monday, November 10
2:00 PM


2013 / US / 94 minutes / Format: DCP
Director: Andrew Finnigan Cast: Tony Doupe’, Alycia Delmore, Bo Doupe’, Madeline Elizabeth Print Source: Andrew Finnigan

Koinonia is a independent film conceived of and filmed in the Pacific Northwest by director/writer Andrew Finnigan. The film’s protagonist, John, was once a beloved husband and father but now finds himself alone in the wilderness after the worldwide collapse of society. John is struggling with his lonely existence, full of painful memories of his lost family and conversations with the only human he knows, himself. Unexpected events unfold and John must make a choice about whether to embark on a journey to find the town of Faraday, which may provide salvation, or be a product of his imagination. Koinonia presents an intimate character study of a man who finds himself struggling with who he is and uncertain how to proceed after his world disintegrates before his eyes. The strong acting and beautiful cinematography make this film a welcome local addition to the post-apocalyptic science fiction genre.

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