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NW Premiere!

Der Bunker


2015 / Germany / in German with English subtitles / 85 minutes / Format: DCP

Directed by: Nikias Chryssos

Print Source: Artsploitation

The comedy Der Bunker is a strange fairy tale about a student who ends up lodging with a peculiar family. The student thinks he’s answering an ad for a room with a waterfront view, so he can finish his studies in solitude. Instead, he gets a windowless hovel in a basement-like bunker deep in the forest. If that isn’t bad enough, the house’s owners insist on saddling him with the duty of homeschooling their 8-year-old son, Klaus, who is being groomed for a crazy, unrealistic goal. The fact that Klaus looks to be about 30, with a bowl haircut, isn’t to be questioned either. Why the student stays is just as much a mystery, as events careen out of control, but in a weirdly ordinary way that can only be called transfixing. Bizarrely funny and thought provoking, Der Bunker is a story of parenting gone wildly awry that plays out like an episode of The Twilight Zone as directed by David Lynch.

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