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Tuesday, November 11OFFLaurelsBlack
4:45 PM


comedy 2014 / US / 97 minutes / Format: DCP
Director: Joel Potrykus Cast: Joshua Burge, Joel Potrykus, Teri Ann Nelson Print Source: Oscilloscope Laboratories

A buzzard is an intimidating bird of prey that feeds off the remains of others. The irreverent comedy Buzzard follows the human equivalent of this predator, but replace ‘intimidating’ with ‘not so smart’. The ‘buzzard’ in question is Marty Jackitansky, a small-time con artist whose big goals in life are getting stuff for nothing and creating a realistic Freddy Krueger hand out of dull steak knives and an old, broken Nintendo Power Glove. Marty is employed at a mortgage firm, until the day he gets the brilliant idea to endorse checks that aren’t his. On the run, with a pocketful of stolen checks and a head full of petty scams, we follow Marty on a bizarre journey through a friend’s basement, seedy hotel rooms, and a $20 plate of spaghetti. As absurdity meets mumblecore, with some death metal and shrewd film references thrown in, Buzzard is an irresistible mix of funny weird and horrifying.

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