Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Honoring our friends Joey Casio and Edmond Lapine

Saturday February 11, 3:00pm doors2.11.17JoeyEd-1
All are welcome

Honoring our friends Joey Casio and Edmond Lapine

Join us for a celebration and remembrance of the creative lives of our friends Joey Casio and Edmond Lapine. Our community is left with an unmatched absence since since the Ghostship Fire happened in Oakland, CA on Dec 3rd, 2016. Both Joey and Edmond were unable to escape and perished in the tragic event. You are invited to celebrate the unbridled art and expression that both men practiced through music, poetry, and visual aesthetics with friends, family, and peripheral communities affected by the fire and loss of our friends. Speakers TBA with slideshow and refreshments. 

Donations for the Oakland and Ghostship fire relief will be accepted

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