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Rock n’ Roll Hotel

Saturday, November 17th






Rock n’ Roll Hotel
1983 / USA / 85 min / DVD
Directors: Richard Baskin, Paul Justman
Cast: Rachel Sweet, Judd Nelson, Dick Shawn, Colin Quinn Print Source: Dale Brumfield

Dale Brumfield will be in attendance.

We are so chuffed to present the fourth ever theatrical screening of long lost disasterpiece Rock n’ Roll Hotel, starring Stiff Records recording artist Rachel Sweet and a pre-Breakfast Club Judd Nelson. This jaw-droppingly incompetent, yet fist-pumpingly rock n’ roll extravaganza (picture an ‘80s rock version of The Room, then add a time travel subplot and an animatronic raccoon) was never released and all copies were thought to have been destroyed. Twenty-five years later, a VHS dub was found buried deep in the set designer’s closet. Investigative journalist Dale Brumfield, who hunted the film down and now possesses the only known copy in existence, will be on hand to answer all of your burning questions about this one-of-a-kind rock n’ roll odyssey.


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