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Northwest Wonders
Here at the Olympia Film Festival, we’re proud of the incredible work made by current and former Olympia residents, and we hope that after viewing our Northwest Wonders your chest will swell with pride, too! First up is Evergreen alumna Rachel Leah Jones’ inventive family saga Gypsy Davy. Then, festivalgoers will have a unique opportunity to not only screen but also provide feedback on You Make Me Feel So Young, a feature shot right here in Olympia, including at our very own Capitol Theater! Finally, don’t miss our annual showcase of locally-produced shorts, Locals Only, this year curated by Olympia Film Society projectionist Stephanie Zorn. When your friends and family in far-flung locales talk about these films next year, you can boast that you saw them here at home first!

Passport Series
Travel around the world without leaving the theater with the Olympia Film Festival’s annual Passport series! This year, start your journey off in Cambodia with acclaimed filmmaker Chantal Akerman’s Almayer’s Folly. Then, move on to Iran and The Green Wave, an emotionally searing retelling of 2009’s people-powered protest of Mahmood Ahmadinejad re-election as president. Moving West to Europe, witness the innovative Shakespearian Itallian prison-docu-drama that took top prize at the Berlin Film Festival. Next, jump to Chile to witness the late Raul Ruiz’s farewell film, Night Across the Street. Finally, we’ll fly you back across the Atlantic for the Portuguese dreamscape-on-celluloid Tabu. No vaccinations, cramped seats, or lost luggage – book your globetrotting trip with us!

Fringe: Not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme.
We’ve had some great Fringe films in festivals past, but this year’s slate could definitely be in the running for the “fringe”-iest title. To start Fringe off right, director Richard Elfman will present in person his masterpiece of cinematic insanity, The Forbidden Zone. Next, for the first time ever, the Olympia Film Festival is partnering with The Stranger to be one of the few venues for amateur porn Hump! Festival 2012. We’ve brought back the Kung Fu double-feature for another year, this time with Crippled Avengers and Fist of the White Lotus. But wait, there’s more – you can’t miss an ultra-rare opportunity to see the original 1953 House of Wax projected in Natural Vision two-projector 3D, the way it was meant to be seen. And we’re not done yet – you’ll also have a chance to catch the long-lost Judd Nelson musical from 1983, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel. Come hungry for the unusual; you’ll be sure to leave satisfied!

The Olympia Film Festival’s venerable Cine-X segment is sure to captivate fans of experimental film and video. This year’s Cine-X features are the mesmerizing Traveling Light by Gina Telaroli and the 15 year labor-of-love Consuming Spirits by master animator Chris Sullivan. There’s much more in store, but as experimental film lovers know, it’s best to experience it yourself firsthand, so check it out!

Kid Flicks
Continuing our tradition of programming films that appeal specifically to kids without pandering to the lowest common denominator, the Olympia Film Festival has given our youngest audience members a lot to enjoy this year. We start with an OFF first: Radical Recess, an experimental film program that hopes to prove that kids’ tastes can be more avant-garde than their parents. Next, join us for an unforgettable journey into the fertile imaginations of Crazy & Thief as they make their way through a fantastical landscape using their star map. Then, relive the Saturday mornings of your youth (or show your kids how much fun you used to have) with Saturday Morning Confusion, presented by our friends at Scarecrow Video. Finally, on our last day you won’t want to miss Take Me to the Balooney Bin, a collection of shorts that each feature our colorful air-filled childhood companions. Whether you’re a kid or simply a kid at heart, you’ll find something to love this year!

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