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October, Ten Days That Shook The World with live musical accompaniment with local rock orchestra Госкино

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octobermockSunday, November 10


October, Ten Days That Shook The World

with live musical accompaniment with local ROCK orchestra Госкино
1928 / US / Silent with Russian inter-titles / 115 min / 16mm

Director: Sergei Eisenstein and Grigori Aleksandrov
Print Source: Museum of Modern Art

October is a fast-paced, stylistically stunning and often hilarious movie. So fast -paced in fact that it is often cited that more people were killed in the making of October than during the events it depicts. The action and editing make for a adrenaline-fueled ride through the early days of the Soviet Revolution. The movie dramatizes the year leading up to and including the events in October that culminated in the Bolshevik Party taking political and military control of Russia and creating the Soviet Union. Soviet filmmaking was reaching an aesthetic apex when this movie was made and Eisenstein employs “Intellectual Montage” in October to an create a powerful, emotional and historically nuanced cinema experience. Propaganda Cinema at its finest! Olympia’s own Soviet glam rock orchestra, Госкино, will be providing brash and bold musical accompaniment.





You all have seen госкино around…the soviet glam rock band on a skin tight search and destroy mission…but what most people don’t know is that they are a band formed in Siberian gulag where they were serving time for political and sexual deviation. The names and gender of the band members are impossible to actually know…having gone through so many iterations, aliases, diminutives and disguises…sometimes they are from 1917 other times they are from 1973 but they are always tearing down the iron curtain that would contain their anarcho-communist rock and roll kino-revolution! госкино is an eternal force of dialectic materialism fighting an incarnate power play on the stage of history…join them to write the pages of now!












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