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  • Tue-Thu 7PM Fri & Sat 6:30PM & 9PM
  • Sun 5PM & 7:30PM
  • Matinee: Sun 2:30PM, Tue-Thu/Sat 4PM & Sat 11AM
  • 206 5th Avenue SE
  • Olympia, WA 98501
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June 23 – 29

From an anchorwoman to a homeless man, actress Cate Blanchett portrays 13 distinct characters in vignettes that incorporate timeless manifestos.
Dir: Julian Rosefeldt / 2017 / US / 110 min

“Blanchett has no fear as a performer, and she has such enormous appetite for acting that she rips into each of the characters she is playing as if she were hungrily stripping meat off of chicken legs and then hurling the bones over her shoulder.” – Dan Callahan, TheWrap

“…a blast of fresh air.” – Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

“Blanchett delivering these intimidating texts, and completely changing the internal context from which each text emerges, is so breathlessly inventive that it’s nothing less than totally entertaining.” – Sheila O’Malley,

SCREENING: FRI 6/23 9:00PM; SAT 6/24 9:00PM; SUN 6/25 5:00PM; TUE 6/27 9:00PM; WED 6/28 6:30PM; THU 6/29 9:00PM
Tickets available at box office 30 minutes prior to showtime

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