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Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys screening with short I Kill

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Wednesday, November 13
4:00 pm

Aatsinki: The Story of Arctic Cowboys

2013 / USA, Finland / Finnish with English subtitles / 84 min / DCP
Director: Jessica Oreck
Cast: Aarne Aastinki, Lasse Aatsinki, Raisa Korpela
Print Source: Argot Films

Documentarian Jessica Oreck brings us into Finnish Lapland, offering us a glimpse into the lives of brothers Aarne and Lasse Aatsinki. The two men are present day cowboys, employing helicopters and snowmobiles in the practice of the titular region’s long held reindeer herding tradition. Through the film- maker’s scenic and unhurried vista we come to find that the continuation of traditional cultures teeters between the firm embracing of heritage and the yielding receptiveness to the ever changing needs of its people.


Screening with…

I Kill

2012 / New Zealand / 10 minutes / HDCam Director: Paul Wedel, David White
Print Source: New Zealand Film Commission
A short documentary about one man doing his job in the kindest way he can. Warning: animals are killed in this movie.

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