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Capital Campaign Project

2/3/2018 – WE’RE NUMBER 5 (and that’s GOOD)!

After eight long months of delay, our state capital budget has finally passed and OFS is excited to announce that we are the recipients of the 2017-2019 Washington State Heritage Capital Projects Fund!  We will be receiving $118,000 in state appropriated funds to “protect the envelope of the Capitol Theater” (plainly referred to as Phase 3).   Our project, selected by the Washington State Historical Society is the 5th most important project in Washington State!  However, we feel all of our cohorts are just as important and thankfully so did our state and local legislators and our Governor, thank you to everyone involved in the project, OFS is honored to have been chosen to receive this prestigious grant. Congratulations everyone!

What is this project exactly?

Project: Capitol Theater Roof Replacement & Original Awning Restoration- Phase #3
Appropriation: $118,000
Scope: The Olympia Film Society has been working towards the preservation of the Capitol Theater since 2010. This multiphase project is Phase 3, which includes restoration of the original awning, facade windows, and the replacement of the roof to protect the structure from further water and moisture intrusion.

What happens next?

Becuase of the delayed approval of the state capital budget, OFS will need to work quickly to raise several thousands of dollars in funds to complete this project and begin the groundwork for the additional projects associated with the phases.

Join us Monday, February 26 at 6:30pm at the Capitol Theater for the 2018 Annual Membership meeting to discuss the exciting plans that our future holds!

Join our Capital Campaign Task Force!

OFS is looking for a professional fundraiser to help us fundraise.  RFQ’s to be posted soon.  If you have fundraising and networking skills and would like to be involved with the project, please contact us!

If you would like to know more about this project or get involved contact:  Audrey Henley, Executive Director audrey@olympiafilmsociety.org, 360-754-667- x20




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