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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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OFS Board of Directors


2013 Governor's Mansion Fundraising Event with Actor Elliot Gould and OFS  Volunteers, Staff, and Board

2013 Governor’s Mansion Fundraising Event with Actor Elliot Gould and OFS Volunteers, Staff, and Board

The OFS is accepting applications and nominations for its Board of Directors for two-year terms starting this  fall.  Applications are due to the board’s nominating committee:  vicep@olympiafilmsociety.org by end of day August 3. Board of Director elections will be held in the September. If you are interested in the joining the OFS Board, please review and download:  Nomination Form and Expectations & Commitments


  • Monthly Board Meeting – August Agenda
  • Bylaws Review Meeting – September 9, 2014 6:00pm
    At MIXX 96 conference room.  If you planning to attend this meetings, please contact the OFS Executive Director: audrey@olympiafilmsociety.org. Materials needed for the meeting are as follows (please print your own copy if you are planning to attend):

Download Current OFS Bylaws

  • Annual Membership Meeting – Sunday September 21, 2014 12:30pm
    Open to members with valid OFS membership. At the Capitol Theater.

Monthly BOARD Meeting - Open to the public and held the 4th Tuesdays of each month at Mixx 96 Radio Station Conference Room located at 119 Washington St NE, Olympia, WA 98501. This room is ADA accessible.

BYLAWS UPDATE: The Board at their April 22, 2014 Board Meeting recommended the adoption of the updated OFS Bylaws for approval by the Membership with the following steps for the ultimate approval by the membership:

  • A meeting of the membership to review the proposed bylaws with possible recommendations to the Board.  Being held July 15, 2014.
  • A meeting of the Board to consider modifications from the Membership and the adoption of a final recommendation to the Membership.  July 22, 2014
  • A Special Meeting of the Membership for adoption of the proposed Bylaws.  September 9, 2014 6:00pm.  Being held at Mixx 96 Radio Station Conference Room located at 119 Washington St NE, Olympia, WA 98501. This room is ADA accessible.

These community members keep OFS shinning on the silver screen.  Click on names to read their personal statement.

Dick Meyer
Victor Minjares - Secretary
Tim Sweeney - Vice President
Bert Trobman – Treasurer
Kaylynn What - President
Byron Zarp

2014 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes: JanFebMarApril, May, June
Archived Board Meeting Minutes: 2013 Board Meeting Minutes2012 Board Meeting Minutes2011 Board Meeting Minutes2010 Board Meeting Minutes Download Current Bylaws 2009-2014 Strategic Plan Amendments to the 2009-2014 Strategic Plan
*OFS record are available upon request

Why become a Board member at OFS? It is an exciting time to be a Board member at the Film Society. As owners of the Capitol Theater, we have of variety of important projects and initiatives that touch all aspects of the organization – programming, personnel, community outreach, fundraising and finance. At this important moment in our organizational history we can use your help to build our organizational capacity and tackle these exciting projects. Daily operations at OFS are shared between a talented group of 8 paid staff, and a committed team of nearly 125 volunteers, overseen by a Board of Directors. Not only will you feel great about contributing to the success of OFS, but you will also have the opportunity to join an interesting and creative community of art enthusiasts.
What are the qualifications and expectations? The Board seeks individuals with a background or experience in fundraising, managing budgets, community outreach, human resource management, and/or marketing. For more details about desired skills and leadership duties. The OFS Board of Directors serve two year terms. There are 15 positions available on the Board. Elections are held annually and vacancies between elections can be filled by Board appointment.
I’m interested, but want to learn more.  What should I do next? A good first step is to visit one of our Board meetings or contact our Board Vice President, Tim Sweeney:  vicep@olympiafilmsociety.org

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